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Go Local at Unique Oahu Gift Shop

Photo credit: Island Keepsakes Facebook Page.
Photo credit: Island Keepsakes Facebook Page.

Because you didn’t come all the way to Hawaii to buy a gift at a chain store. Because you want a tangible memory that reminds of your trip, not of a catalog. Because you want to both support and celebrate the beauty of Hawaiian culture.

That’s why you want to visit Island Keepsakes. Opened in 1997, this Oahu-based gift shop not only offers locally made goods—all its items are handmade. Kitchenware, woodworks, jewelry bath products, organic foods: Island Keepsakes provides visitors with a range of products you won’t find anywhere outside of the islands.

Indeed, venturing into the store is an experience unto itself. Imagine walking into a museum full of prized artwork, only at Island Keepsakes, you can actually afford to buy what’s on the walls! Owner Rita Luke is a warm, inviting presence—no pushy sales clerks here—who takes obvious pride in her store and carefully curated selections.

If possible, try visiting on First Friday—downtown Oahu’s arts and culture festival held on the first Friday of every month—when there’s apt to be a sale.

Island Keepsakes

1050 Nuuanu Avenue

Honolulu, HI 96817

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