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4 Stunning Natural Wonders to Experience in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful tropical locales in the world, brimming with rich culture, history, and staggeringly gorgeous natural surroundings. Though you’ll want to squeeze in lots of time on the beach, there are plenty of other natural wonders to explore, too. Here are our recommendations for four of the most stunning natural wonders in Hawaii.  


While there are several natural wonders on the island of Maui, Haleakala National Park is arguably the most impressive. Home to beautiful bamboo forests, incredible hiking trails, and, of course, the famous Haleakala volcano, the park is a must for visitors to the island. Whether you make a day trip to the park and spend a few hours drinking in the breathtaking volcanic landscapes or camp out in the park for a long weekend, you’ll come away from the experience with unforgettable memories of the island’s beauty. One of the best ways to experience the island? Catching the sunrise over the peak of the volcano! Afterward, pack a picnic lunch and head to one of the best beaches in Maui, Baldwin Beach Park, replete with golden sands, palm trees, and stunning views of the Pacific. Not sure where to stay? Treat yourself to a few nights in a luxury villa at Golden Glow resort.


Home to extraordinary landmarks like Pearl Harbor and the Iolani Palace, Oahu is bursting with history and natural beauty. If you are up for a hiking adventure, plan to walk the lush Manoa Falls Trail to the 150-foot tall waterfall. You are bound to spot exotic wildlife and tropical vegetation on your way to the impressive, towering falls. Keep in mind, however, that swimming in the pool beneath the falls is discouraged due to the risk of disease. Save swimming for your days at Waikiki Beach, one of the top Hawaiian beaches!


There is so much natural beauty in Kauai that it’s hard to know where to start. If you can only make it to one place, head to Napali Coast State Wilderness Park. Drive through the park or hike the trails for stunning views from the sea cliffs, waterfalls, and valleys. After that adventure, spend the day at Princeville, the best beach in Kauai, for some snorkeling, surfing, and suntanning.

Big Island

If you have enough room in your travel itinerary, aim to visit as many of the iconic volcanoes on the Big Island as possible. Check out the Kilauea Volcano and the Thurston Lava Tube, where you can behold the magnificence of actual lava! Afterward, head to the Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano with the highest peak in Hawaii. Finally, if you dare, indulge your inner adrenaline junkie and visit Kilauea, the most active volcano on the island. Of course, you can’t leave the Big Island without spending some time in the sands at a Kalaoa beach or renting a 5-star villa at the gorgeous Heaven on Earth resort.  

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