Enchanting Meadow - Pool with waterfall - Hawaii Vacation HomeEnchanting Meadow - Pool with waterfall - Hawaii Vacation HomeEnchanting Meadow - Pool with waterfall - Hawaii Vacation Home

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Concierge for Luxury Activities, Chefs and Personal Requests

Hawaii Hideaways Inc. offers 24-hour Luxury Concierge Services for guests and specialty vacation clients who have booked a getaway with us, these activities cannot be booked unless you are a Hawaii Hideaway guest.

Services consist of, but are not limited to, private charter jets, personal chefs, masseuses, yoga instruction, limousine arrangements, inter-island travel, housekeeping, private yacht, sailing and fishing charters, and surfing lessons. Activity reservations might include luau performances, U’lalena (Maui’s Cirque du Soleil), helicopter tours, scuba diving, snorkeling trips, whale watching and much more.

Please call us at (808) 878-8559 or email us at info@HawaiiHideaways.com to get information on how our Luxury Concierge Service can make your vacation even more memorable.

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