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Hawaii Vacation Rental Property vs. Hotel

Property - Sea Glass PoolPlanning the ultimate vacation is always exciting, especially when your destination is Hawaii! From our incredible weather to our beautiful beaches and stunning landscape, ‘Paradise of Pacific’ has much to offer Hawaii vacationers. In addition to deciding on when to visit, what to see while you’re here, and which adventures to embark upon, you’ll need to determine where you’ll be staying.

While there is no denying that there are some pretty amazing resorts located throughout the Hawaiian Islands, what many overlook during the planning process are the spectacular vacation rental properties in Hawaii. Hotels typically go hand-in-hand with vacations, but booking your accommodations at a luxury rental property in Hawaii can turn a great vacation in to an epic one!

One of the things that tend to make people shy away from a vacation rental is price; however considering that some of the higher end resorts in Hawaii can run upwards of $1300 per night, a luxury rental home can actually provide you with a much bigger bang for your buck. In addition to cost, there are several other advantages and we’ve listed some of them below:

Space – The most obvious advantage is space. Would you rather spend an entire week crammed in to 400 square foot hotel room, or a 2,000 – 10,000 square foot home with multiple rooms at your disposal and beautiful grounds to roam? It’s kind of a no-brainer.

Togetherness – If you have family or are traveling with a large group, a vacation rental property allows everyone to stay together under one roof as opposed to being relegated to numerous hotel rooms, scattered across multiple floors.

Set Your Own Schedule – From swimming pools, to exercise facilities, to breakfast buffets, amenities can make or break a hotel. The downside however is that these are usually subject to specific hours. With a vacation rental, you can work out whenever you want, swim at your leisure, and even whip yourself up a midnight snack if you so wish!

Privacy – Another perk that comes with renting a vacation property in Hawaii is privacy. Not only will you not hear every word, sneeze or hiccup coming from the other side of the hotel’s paper thin walls, you won’t need to share elevators, lounge chairs, swimming pools or work-out facilities etc. Many of our vacation properties are ocean front as well which means you’ll enjoy a more secluded beach experience too!

Home Away From Home – As hard as they try, hotels simply can’t give you that home-away-from-home feeling. A luxury vacation rental provides all of the comforts of home that you just can’t do without.

Who Needs a Valet – No need to wait for valet service – not when you can drive up and park right outside the front door.

Laundry – Rather than sending your clothes out, renting a luxury vacation property means you can toss them in to the washer any time you like.

Gourmet Kitchen – If you or someone in your group is a finicky eater, you’ll love the ability to whip up your favorites in a gourmet kitchen. For those who’d like to avoid cooking altogether, our concierge can arrange a private chef to help take care of the meals.

If you’re planning a Hawaii vacation, don’t discount the possibility of a luxury vacation rental property. We’ve got several to choose from! Take a peek at our amazing rentals here, and contact us today to find out how we can help plan your vacation in paradise! Aloha!