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The Molokini Crater – Offers the Best Snorkelling in Hawaii!

Molokini Crater2If snorkelling in Hawaii is on your 2014 “to-do” list, the Molokini Crater is home to the best the islands have to offer! Located just a few miles off the coast of Maui, the crescent moon-shaped island is part of the Marine Life Conservation District, and is popular spot for diving in Hawaii.

Believed to have erupted more than 200,000 years ago, the Molokini Crater is small volcanic crater that rises up from 300 feet below the ocean’s surface. Its crescent shape provides shelter from the waves leaving the water calm and crystal clear.

Listed as one of the top ten diving spots in the world, the crater is home to more than 250 marine species, some of which you’ll only find when snorkelling in Hawaii. There are 30 species of coral and more than 100 types of algae also present in the crater. Because the area is so sheltered, there is a lack of sediment to disturb the view and in the early morning sunlight, you can see as far down as 150 feet!

Because the Molokini Crater is such a popular diving spot in Hawaii, you’re likely to make friends with the marine life that lives here. Experienced divers from around the world travel to Hawaii specifically to visit the Molokini Crater. Accustomed to the many visitors the area receives each year, instead of scattering or seeking shelter from prying eyes, fish like the Moorish Idol, Parrotfish, Triggerfish, and Raccoon Butterflyfish will all happily carry on about their business while divers look on in wonder and amazement.

A vacation in Hawaii would be incomplete without a visit to this incredible natural wonder. If snorkelling in Hawaii is part of your 2014 plans, this is definitely THE spot!