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Shaka! Fun Facts About This “Hawaiian Gesture”


A green sea (Honu)

Hawaii Hideaways wants to share a fun fact with you! A little information about a Hawaiian Style gesture called the “shaka”. You will see this gesture often while visiting the Hawaiian islands and should not be offended by the shaka sign. This is done by extending the pinkie and thumb while curling up the 3 middle fingers. Try it! It a friendly act used as a sign of greeting, thanks or just to say hi! Just a little local lesson for you Hawaii vacationers out there. Even for those who plan to visit our islands soon! Shaka to you and yours from Hawaii Hideaways! We here would be happy to assist you with your next Hawaiian vacation as we specialize in luxury vacation home rentals throughout the Hawaiian islands. Visit us and see what we can offer you! Let us make your Hawaii vacation as special as it can possibly be!  Take a look at one of our lavish homes located on the beautiful island of Kauai we like to call, “Heavenly View”. Beautiful beyond words!