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Lanai Holiday… A Time Honored Tradition…Honoring Friends and Loved Ones!

lanai holiday tradition
japanese hawaiian holiday tradition

This Extraordinary event is not for everyone but it is worth mentioning…

The Lanai Hongwanji is featuring an Obon dance on July 10th. It is time to remember and cherish friends and family that have passed away, at a celebration where food is laid out, incense and flowers are left on alters, and lanterns are lit so their spirits are welcome home. Offerings are made at temples. A dance under a tower of lights, decorated with paper lanterns, bamboo and colored and paper flowers, become the heart of the celebration. Residence and visitors are invited to dance and enjoy the festivities.  Sushi, saimin and chow fun will be sold at food booths.

Fit for those who are interested in not only Hawaiian culture. It’s an educational and heartwarming Japanese tradition! For those of you who will be traveling to Lanai during this time, I highly recommend you take in this one in a life time chance to not only see an amazing act of love but to feel it. We at Hawaii Hideaways wish you and your loved ones the very best. If you are interested in paying us a visit here in beautiful Hawaii, we offer  fabulous accommodations. We feature a grand property on Lanai as well as on our neighbor islands. See for yourself! visit us at Hawaii Hideaways.