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What’s SUP’ing

Everyone is doing it-including Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, Pierce Bronson, Matthew McCaughnehey, Jennifer Gardner and you can too! Hawaii offers the best conditions for this new sport phenomenon-stand up paddle boarding or as the experts call it-SUP’ing. SUP’ing originated in the Hawaiian Islands as the beach boys of Waikiki would take their long board out with an outrigger canoe paddle to look over beginner surfers and take pictures.

Recently, the pro’s resurrected the sport as another aspect to getting on the water. Pro surfers such as Laird Hamilton are using the sport to keep core strength even when the winter swells are long gone. Even for the novice, SUP’ing is a perfect way to get on the water. Beginners start in calm waters and glide over the surface while being able to look into the ocean depths at reefs and fish. It’s almost like walking on water. To start all you need is a SUP board, or big long board and a paddle. Instruction is recommended as it takes some skill to coordinate paddling the board while standing up. It is well worth the work. Both your body and mind will enjoy the peaceful experience. There are no limits to the sport, the pro’s are even utilizing their techniques to catch large swells and are mastering moves like a regular surf board.

Hawaii Hideaways offers many beachfront properties through out the islands that offer an ideal location for this awesome sport. Beach Treasure, Sea Star, South Seas, and Vivid Pacific are just a few options. Although recommended, but not necessary you can SUP without ever surfing. The major benefit of SUP’ing is you don’t need any waves and depending on your perfect spot you will often be the only one in the water. Call Hawaii Hideaways today for some most excellent property locations to try this new sport phenomenon from the front yard of your private luxury vacation rental!