Back deck looking over the grass and ocean at Sweet Escape villa rentalBack deck looking over the grass and ocean at Sweet Escape villa rentalBack deck looking over the grass and ocean at Sweet Escape villa rental

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Woman of Power

June 2007

Fleeing the gloomy London skies for the lush lifestyle of the islands, Anne Pawsat-Dressler knows how to live.  This successful jet-setter founded Hawaii Hideaways in 2004 when she realized on one was delivering an attentive, efficient and individualized luxury vacation service.  Now living on Maui for most of the  year, Pawsat-Dressler provides countless clients with unyielding luxury and unparallel personalized service that creates a priceless and unforgettable experience – the way all vacations should be.

944: What led to your decision to open your office in Maui?

ANNE PAWSAT DRESSLER: When you are in Maui, you are absorbed into the microcosm.  Our office is located on a birds-of paradise garden, a walk with my dog over lunch in tropical paradise does wonders.  And there is nothing like picking papaya for breakfast, cool breezes and ridiculous starry nights.

Your properties are all in the multi-million dollar range, is your clientele usually high maintenance?

When you deal with $20 million properties, you are dealing with big egos and eccentric personalities.  As the liaison, between the homeowners and the guest, diplomacy is imperative, especially if a problem arises.  I keep everyone happy while resolving issues.  I don’t let myself become exhausted or frustrated.  This is a valuable skill set that has maintained my client relationships.

With over 100 properties, how do you sustain that high level of service with every client?

Hawaii Hideaways is a terrific team of efficient, proactive, engaging individuals.  Never underestimate the importance of having a local agent who knows the nuances of each property, can recommend local activities and provides specialized concierge.  Either there are no problems or we solve them immediately. The company has grown more than 200 percent each year of operation.

What sort of things do you look for when deciding whether or not you should include a property in your portfolio?

Every property must emanate luxury.  From the island location to the building materials and interior design, the most discerning traveler must be comfortable and feel pampered.  Linens are at least 400TC with designer duvets, materials are travertine and marble floors, granite counter tops, Bosch appliances, etc.  Our clients are very exclusive.  My properties, in turn, are exclusive in location, design and worth.

What’s next on the horizon for you and your company?

We just expanded to Molokai.  This means, not only do we offer luxury vacation homes there, but also personal chefs, manicurists, private beach massage, scuba, eco-hiking, everything.  Whatever service we offer on Maui we offer on all islands including Molokai.  Concierge is full service, 24-hours and consistent.  I want to offer a home for every niche market, [like] yoga retreats, and tropical hideaways.  Hawaii Hideaways will develop further its real estate division [and] I need to get a handle on kite surfing.

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