Back deck looking over the grass and ocean at Sweet Escape villa rentalBack deck looking over the grass and ocean at Sweet Escape villa rentalBack deck looking over the grass and ocean at Sweet Escape villa rental

Hawaii Hideaways
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Hawaii Hideaways

May 2006

By: Jane Shiomi

As if planning a trip to Hawaii isn’t exciting enough, being able to customize every desired luxury detail ensures a vacation beyond expectation.  Whether you crave a lavish home with personal chefs or jet charter service, personal shopping, and childcare, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have it all planned to your liking?  Enter Anne Pawsat, licensed realtor and founder of Hawaii Hideaways Inc., a service-intensive business based in Maui that matches top-echelon leisure travelers and corporate clients with idyllic rental homes.  Pawsat’s island spanning inventory includes approximately 115 rental properties worth $4-20 million each – one of the properties was even featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Pawsat and her team of eight concierges use their connections an ingenuity to turn their clients’ dreams into reality.  For example, they can oversee every detail of a wedding on a private beach followed by a lavish reception with guests arriving on chartered jets.  Pawsat understands the demand for personalized attention, unparalleled privacy, and a choice of properties that match or surpass the luxury of her clients’ year round homes.

“Our guests are very wealthy, successful people who have homes just as nice or nicer than those we rent.” says Pawsat.  “They expect exceptional surroundings and usually treat the rental home as they would their own.”

Having every detail planned for you, not to mention providing you with a lavish luxury home in which to stay, seems like a dream come true – now if only someone could help you clear your schedule.

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