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Beachfront Laie
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  • Timeless elegance and Hawaiian beauty make this Laie beach house the best in its class. Boundless Horizon is a luxury vacation home surrounded by gorgeous secluded beaches, historic sights, and local delights. If you’re looking for a resort-styled oceanfront home where you can experience the best of Oahu’s island culture, Boundless Horizon is the beach house for you.

Property Name


Beachfront Laie
Palm Ratings
  • Enjoy the half acre of beachfront property sports a half mile of sandy beach front great for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and relaxation under the sun.

Booking a luxury vacation rental property in Laie places you in a tranquil residential community located between Hau’ula and Kahauku on Oahu’s northeastern shore. Home to Bringham Young University, the area is mostly known for the popular Polynesian Cultural Center.

Things to Do

If you’re staying in a Laie vacation rental property, you’ll definitely want to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center. Set on 42-acres of land, the center is considered a living museum. It is sectioned in to seven unique villages representing the Early Polynesian tribes. Guests can spend the day visiting each village to learn about the various cultures and engage in sports, dance, and art unique to each tribe. To see more of Hawaii’s history, visit the heiau on top of the mountain near Pupukea. Ancient Kahuna’s preformed various rituals, and offered sacrifices at heiau locations and these sites are still considered sacred. If you are here during whale season, you can often catch a glimpse of these amazing creatures as they breach the ocean’s surface just off of Laie Point. Take a trip over to the northwest shore to visit Laniakea, or Turtle Beach as it is also known, to see Hawaii’s green sea turtles lounging in the sunshine. These are a protected species so you are reminded not to approach or disturb the turtles in any way. Head over to Haleiwa Town for an eclectic mix of charming boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. This is also home to the Haleiwa Surf Museum which documents the history of surfing in Hawaii. There are some great trails in the area as well for those enjoy hiking.


There are several beaches near out luxury vacation rental properties in Laie, and while great for sunbathing, the monster waves Oahu’s north shore is known for make some of them unsuitable for swimming. Laie Beach Park is home to two areas affectionately known as Pounders Beach, for its huge waves, and Bathtub Beach for the small area typically used for swimming. Hukilau Beach Park is also close-by. You can swim here during the summer months, but we don’t recommend swimming here during the winter due to the powerful surf. The beauty of our Laie vacation rentals is that they are only an hour’s drive from Oahu’s most popular Beach. Waikiki Beach is bustling with activity, backed with shops and restaurants, and suitable for swimming making this the perfect day trip.

Restaurants and Nightlife

The area around our Laie vacation rental properties doesn’t offer much in the way of vibrant nightlife and the neighborhood tends to slow down and become quiet by 9 PM. Those looking for evening entertainment can travel to one of the surrounding areas. The Huilau Cafe is small restaurant with great burgers and their breakfast menu is even better. We recommend the banana pancakes! For some of Hawaii’s famous Shave Ice, visit Matsumoto’s in nearby Haleiwa.


There isn’t much in the way of retail therapy near our Laie vacation rentals; however the nearby North Shore Marketplace offers a good mix of shops and restaurants, as does Haleiwa Town. True Shopaholics will want to venture in to Honolulu to visit the Ala Moana Center. This is the world’s largest outdoor shopping center and home to 300 retailers including luxury brands like Balenciaga and Tory Burch.

Weather and Ocean Conditions

Our Laie luxury vacation rentals are located on Oahu’s windward shore which can experience cooler temperatures and more rain than other areas of the island. The temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much though and there are really only two seasons in Hawaii; winter and summer. One is warm and the other is warmer with average temperatures ranging from 75F – 85 F. Thanks to our gentle trade winds though, the climate is comfortable year-round. The north shore experiences some of the biggest waves in Hawaii so the surf is always powerful. Ocean swells are influenced by weather and wind so conditions can change from day to day. It’s important to take precautions and read the safety signs posted on our beaches as these are there for your protection.

Getting Around

Staying in a luxury vacation rental property in Laie places you in a quiet community on Oahu’s popular north shore. Because there is so much to see and do in Laie’s surrounding communities, we recommend a rental care for your stay.

Vacation Info

Booking a luxury vacation rental in Laie allows you to experience all that Hawaii has to offer, with the comforts and convenience of home. We provide our guests with high-end luxury accommodations and an unparalleled commitment to customer service. Contact us to inquire about our vacation rental properties in Laie and surrounding areas, and find out how we can help plan your dream Hawaii vacation!

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