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Garden View Haena
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  • Just steps from beautiful beaches while tucked away in a quiet cul-de-sac, Valley Footsteps is just a few minutes walk to the famous Makua (Tunnel's) Beach.

Complete with turquoise water, rainforests and white sand beaches, Ha’ena is a small coastal community on Kauai’s north shore just west of Hanalei at the start of the incredible Na Pali coast. The area is known for its lush tropical landscapes, beautiful mountain ranges, and its coastline is home to some of the most stunning luxury vacation rental properties in Ha’ena.

Things to Do

The town is more remote than some of Kauai’s other north shore communities so our vacation rental properties in Ha’ena are more suited to the outdoor enthusiast who is looking to unwind and connect with nature. If you enjoy hiking, Ha’ena will not disappoint! We recommend a visit to the Waikapalae and Waikanaloa wet caves. Carved out by the ocean’s powerful surf thousands of years ago; local legend has it that the goddess Pele was responsible for their creation as she searched for a home. There is also a dry cave located across the street from Ha’ena Beach that is relatively well lit thanks to the size of the opening. The Kaulu Paoa Heiau is an ancient site where priests / kahunas conducted various rituals and offered up sacrifices to the gods, and the view of the Pacific from this location is stunning. Remember that all of Hawaii’s Heiau sites are still considered sacred areas so you are asked to be respectful of this when visiting, and don’t leave anything behind. The Limahuli Garden and Nature Preserve is also in the Ha’ena area. Voted one of the best botanical gardens in the country by the American Horticultural Society, the Lumahuli garden overlooks the Pacific with the beautiful Mount Makena towering in the background. Next to some of our luxury vacation properties in Ha’ena’s Ke’e Beach area, is the start of the incredible Kalalau Trail . This 11 mile stretch between the beach and the Kalalau Valley is filled with lush tropical forests, winding rivers, beautiful beaches, incredible cliffs, and majestic waterfalls. You can complete the entire hike in 7 – 9 hours with plenty of stops along the way and whatever you do, don’t forget your camera!


There are several beaches near our luxury vacation rental properties in Ha’ena, with Anini considered the safest. This beach is protected by a large reef which keeps the water calm and allows for better swimming conditions.Kauapea or “Secret Beach” is a fairly secluded stretch of sand, and farther down you’ll find that it’s “clothing optional”. It’s not uncommon to see spinner dolphins swimming off shore and the scenery is beautiful, but the surf here is extremely powerful. This beach is not for inexperienced swimmers. Kahili or Rock Quarry beach can be good for swimming and surfing although quite dangerous during high surf so exercise caution here.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Because this is a smaller community, guests staying in our Ha’ena vacation rental homes will need to travel in to one of its neighbouring communities if they are looking for nightlife. Hanalei has some great options for dining and the Tahiti Nui lounge, or Bar Acuda are both good choices for cocktails.



Much like dining, aside from a few local shops, most retail therapy will need to come from nearby communities with Hanalei being the closest option. From clothing and jewellery, to crafts and snacks, the Ching Young Village Center is a popular shopping destination for guests staying at our Hanalei luxury vacation rental properties. Kong Lung Trading in Kilauea is known for higher-end items and quality one-of-a-kind goods. There is a Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning at the Hanalei Neighbourhood Center where you’ll find plenty of locally grown organic fruits and vegetables along with raw honey, goat cheese and homemade jams. Another area Farmer’s Market takes place at Waipa on Tuesdays starting at 2 PM.


Weather and Ocean Conditions

Our luxury vacation rentals in Ha’ena are located on Kauai’s north shore which sees more rain than the other sides of the island. Ha’ens’s weather ranges from a low of 68 F to 79 F in the winter, and 74 F to 84 F in July. The Hawaiian trade winds blow across Kauai from the northeast, keeping things comfortable throughout the year. Ocean swells are largely dictated by weather conditions and wind, so water conditions can change from day to day. Please take precautions, heed warnings and read the safety signs posted on our beaches as these are there for your protection.

Vacation Info

Vacation rental properties in Ha’ena provide guests with high-end luxury accommodations combined with the privacy and the convenience of home. Ha’ena is a small coastal town located a short drive away from dining, shopping, and entertainment allowing you to easily set the pace of your Hawaii vacation. We provide our guests with Hawaii’s top-tier luxury accommodations, and unparalleled customer service. Contact us to inquire about our vacation rental properties, and find out how we can help plan your dream Hawaii vacation.

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