Destination Weddings

'the knot' reports that in 2004 destination weddings made up 9% of all weddings in the United States. A growing trend, couples want to create a unique and memorable event for family and friends. What could be better than an intimate ceremony with your loved ones and a mini-vacation in one?!

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Imagine 50 of your closest friends on a lawn overlooking the ocean as you say your vows at sunset. White flowing dresses, bare feet, fragrant topical bouquets and the most magical destination in the world - the Knot ranked Maui the #1 dream wedding destination in the world. Hawaii Hideaways wants to help make this dream come true.

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Enjoy the beach. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy not having to worry about anything. Hawaii Hideaways is here to create the experience you want: the most charming, sophisticated or maybe the most causal wedding in paradise.

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There are no packages. There are no minimum requirements. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

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Hawaii Hideaways will reserve the most amazing beachfront estate and will arrange for every detail. The rehearsal dinner is different and exciting. Day-time activities for guests will show everyone a side of Maui they never knew.

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Hawaii Hideaways knows pampering: massages and pedicures at the estate, hair stylings in the Master suite, and fresh fruit nibbles all day long. Hawaii Hideaways can arrange every detail.

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An ideal destination wedding is not at a major resort with 30 uninvited guests watching you say, "I do" on the communal beach. Hawaii Hideaways will create the unique and memorable event that you envision.

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Allow our experience and knowledge of Hawaii's special places to combine with your imagination and dreams to create a fresh, casual and exclusive destination wedding.

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