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ARTafterDARK – Honolulu with a dash of NYC

Honolulu Museum of ArtRemember those boring class trips to the museum? Well this is nothing like them!

The only thing better than soaking up a bit of the arts and culture scene is doing it with a cocktail in one hand, and some great food in the other while a DJ spins in the background.

Not just for hipsters, the Honolulu Museum of Art’s monthly ARTafterDARK event draws a diverse crowd on the last Friday of each month.

For a $10 cover charge, attendees are treated to three hours of exposure to the incredible pieces that fill the galleries, live demonstrations / performances, spectacular food and signature cocktails. The food, drinks and interactive experiences go hand-in-hand with the theme of the month; all of which can be found on their website. http://honolulumuseum.org/events/art_after_dark

The genius of the event is that reminiscent of the “Big Apple”, it mixes art with nightlife, yet does so with a vibe that can only be found in Hawaii. There is something so sophisticated and sexy about exploring the exhibits after regular hours that it tends to draw an entirely different demographic.  ARTafterDARK is one of Honolulu’s premier social events for those looking to escape the club scene while still enjoying the music and crowd, with the added bonus of exploring fine art. The event appeals to both the young and the old, and exposes people from all walks of life to the more than 40,000 pieces of art the museum has to offer.

For those a little less interested in the exhibits, ARTafterDARK still offers up the opportunity to socialize and mingle with an intelligent and well dressed crowd. Enjoy a drink, grab a bite, or get your groove on to the musical stylings of some of Oahu’s best DJ’s as you wind down your month and get your weekend started. ARTafterDARK runs from 6 – 9 PM on the last Friday of each month, January through October at the Honolulu Museum of Art.