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Hawaii Tops Major Magazine’s Awards

Oahu Hanauma Bay Photo

Last week, we teased on our Facebook page (You “like” us, right?) the Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards and the prominent place the Hawaiian Islands occupied in the hearts and minds of discerning travelers.

With that in mind, we decided to put all the good news for the Aloha State in one, easy-to-read summary. Let’s get started.

First up: the best islands in the country. Sure, some of the U.S.’s other coastal areas got a nod. But none received the high-marks of Hawaii’s, which occupied five of the 10 spots on the list. This includes No. 1-rated Maui and No. 2-rated Kauai. Oahu made the fifth slot, while the Big Island and Lanai landed at sixth and seventh, respectively. Not bad. Not bad at all.

But the real shocker—for those unfamiliar with Hawaii, anyway—came when Conde Nast Traveler revealed that its readers selected Honolulu as the U.S.’s fourth best city. That means this paradisiac metropolis beat out the vineyard-laced Napa, as well the old standbys of New York City and Chicago.

So what were the qualities readers appreciated about Honolulu? Among those cited: the attitude of the locals, the dining scene, and something called “atmosphere,” which we assume has something to do with gorgeous beaches and stunning mountain views.

Hear that? It’s an impressive group of travelers applauding your name, Hawaii. Take a bow. You’ve earned it.