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Illegal Take Over by Owner of The Edition Hotel, Waikiki Currently Under Marriott Management!

Hawaii Hideaways brings you breaking news of the illegal take over of the “Edition Hotel”  located in Waikiki on the island of Oahu. It’s being said that the hotels owner and affiliate partners forceful takeover the hotel on Sunday morning, Nov 28th was not only illegal but also a violation of  Marriott’s long-term property management contract that was agreed upon by all parties.  This takeover took everyone by storm and complete surprise! The owners approach was unbelievably forceful and disrespectful. Not only to Marriott but also to the hotel employees. Such an unfortunate event! Apparently, the owner and it’s partners raided the hotel by night! Forcibly taking over the property and threatening the hotel employees. Telling them they would all be fired if they did not agree to a change of management. Can you imagine going about your evening at work, not a worry in the world. Then before you know it, your being verbally attacked and threatened the next? Outrageous! A statement  made by one of Marriott Internationals representatives stated the owner and it’s affiliates and Marriott have a long-term management agreement in place that still has 29 years remaining. This was all done with a signed and sealed contract in place! What possessed the owner to do such a thing? What drove them to take it upon themselves and make this forceful stand against the Marriott? Questions we all want answered.

After the owners attempt to take over the Edition Hotel, Marriott has demanded that the owner and owner’s partners vacate the hotel immediately and return control to Marriott. Marriott will also seek substantial damages from the hotels owner and it’s partner for their conduct in damaging the operation and reputation of the hotel.

The Waikiki Edition Hotel was included on the Conde Nast Traveler 2011 Hot List of the World’s Best Hotels and the Travel + Leisure 2011 World’s Best New Hotels. The Marriott is actively pursuing development projects for the Edition Brand Hotels  in prime getaway destinations throughout the World.

We here at Hawaii Hideaways were shocked when coming across an article that was published regarding this matter. We felt that it was pertinent information and felt compelled to inform all of our readers. We’ll be sure to update you with any additional information we come across regarding this matter.

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