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Hawaii Hideaways On Conde Nast Traveler Blog

Wendy Perrin of “Conde Nast Traveler” has an amazing travel blog that is both insightful and entertaining. She continues to impress by having her finger on the pulse in travel!
Last week she included suggestions from Hawaii Hideaways:

I always encourage our clients to take advantage of whatever deals and discounts our owners are offering. Right now, we are seeing a lot of motivated specials. With airfare dropping and a lot of holiday availability, spending Christmas and/or New Years in Hawaii is easy, even at this late date!

Be sure to visit Wendy’s blog and be sure to check-in with a Hawaii Hideaways’ sales specialist to take advantage of current travel deals!  Once you have selcted your perfect Hawaii Hideaway our friendly staff of concierge’s are happy to assist with the rest of your travel itinerary for a perfect Hawaii vacation!